Achieving quality together

Delivering an exceptional care experience is the promise we make to our patients and those that care for them every day. We believe that everyone has the right to safe, high quality care. To get there, we need a relentless focus on all the dimensions of quality, which include care that is: effective, safe, timely, patient and family partnered, efficient, equitable, integrated and supportive of provider wellness.

Over the next five years, Unity Health, in partnership with our patients and their families, will design new systems and pathways of care that make navigating our health care system easier. We will build a culture of safety through systems that are reliable, ensuring care is safe.

We will pursue a culture of continuous improvement, always seeking to find opportunities to learn and change and grow.

Propelling our quality work will be our advanced analytics infrastructure that will uncover new insights in care and treatments, design predictive capabilities and build intuitive surveillance for safer care and improved outcomes. All of this will only be possible through genuine partnerships with our patients, their families and our community.

In five years, Unity Health Toronto will:

  • Achieve excellence in all dimensions of quality.
  • Be recognized as a health care organization with an unwavering commitment to safety for patients, families, staff and physicians with outcomes that prove it.
  • Deliver care delivery models that actively engage the patient in enabling their health through all phases of life.
  • Be known as a global leader in developing innovative approaches to partnered care.

Our commitment

  • Embed the voice of our patients and families in all aspects of our organization.
  • Build a culture of resilience, reliable systems and holistic thinking about safety.
  • Bring continuous improvement in all that we do, advancing all dimensions of quality.
  • Use advanced analytics, including machine learning and simulation as well as other digital tools to create improvement breakthroughs and track real-time performance.

Success means

  • Our outcomes across all dimensions of quality continue to improve.
  • Our patients, families and communities are true partners in decision making, from individual care decisions to large-scale organizational choices. Our engagement survey results, our accreditation standing and our designation as a leader in patient and family partnered care reflect that commitment.
  • Our focus on safety is not only within the walls of the network but throughout the care journey for our patients – and it has reduced preventable harm.
  • Our approach to continuous improvement is part of our culture pushing us to do better in all that we do.
  • We use predictive analytics to support better care and ultimately better outcomes.