Impactful research and innovation

Great innovations start with curiosity and a question. Research is essential to improving lives and communities. Unity Health Toronto’s research teams relentlessly pursue some of the world’s toughest health care challenges. Their findings regularly improve the lives of people in Toronto and around the globe.

From identifying new therapies to combat disease, to the development of artificial intelligence tools to improve health care delivery, Unity Health is a global leader in health research and innovation.

Over the next five years, we will create a seamless bridge between research findings and patient care delivery. We will reinforce our culture of curiosity by supporting our researchers through every stage of their career and ensure our work remains at the frontier of quality and innovation.

In five years, Unity Health Toronto will:

  • Have promoted a culture of discovery across our network that serves as a model for research that improves patient care and health care delivery.
  • Lead in the way we partner and engage stakeholders to advance research and innovation locally, nationally and globally.

Our commitment

  • Lead in the generation of knowledge to improve and integrate care.
  • Use evidence and research to encourage and inspire innovation across all of the care we provide.
  • Establish Unity Health as the pre-eminent national leader in understanding and improving urban health.
  • Develop and deploy artificial intelligence tools driven by clinical needs to establish Unity Health Toronto as an academic leader in health care advanced analytics.
  • Build a research environment that is equitable, diverse and inclusive and where our researchers are supported along their career trajectory.

Success means

  • Our researchers have achieved high profile impact by publishing in top journals and contributing to the body of knowledge in their fields.
  • Our researchers have attracted competitive funding to support their programs.
  • Our knowledge is translated into practice and policy.
  • Our research leads to documented improvements in patient clinical outcomes, improved efficiency and/ or reductions in costs at Unity Health Toronto.
  • Our rank is elevated among Canadian health sciences research centres.