Joy in work
for our people

People choose to work in health care to make a positive difference in their communities and in the lives of others. Joy in work is about helping make a connection to the meaning and purpose in our work. It is about creating a culture that recognizes each person’s contributions. It exists when we are all ambassadors for what we do. Joy becomes contagious. People who experience joy at work are more resilient and better equipped to support those we serve. Over the next five years, we will continue to build our diverse workplace and make joy in work a shared responsibility.

We will foster a culture that empowers our people to realize meaning and purpose in their work.

Unity Health will be known for its positive environment and be a sought after place to learn, work and volunteer.

In five years, Unity Health Toronto will:

  • Have created an environment where all of our people can realize meaning and purpose in the work they do every day and where joy in work is reflected in the care provided to our patients.
  • Be a sought after employer known for supporting healthy, productive people and teams.

Our commitment

  • Create a safe, welcoming environment where all of our people can realize meaning and purpose in the work they do every day.
  • Understand what matters most to our people and help address their unique challenges.
  • Make joy in work a shared responsibility at all levels of the organization.
  • Ensure that people are supported to achieve their best and thrive in a health system that is continually evolving.
  • Build internal capacity to translate our discoveries and advance the adoption of research into practice and policy. 

Success means

  • Our people are enthusiastic ambassadors for Unity Health, recommending us to people seeking care, employment, learning and volunteer opportunities.
  • Our people tell us they find meaning in their work.
  • High levels of staff and physician engagement are reflected in industry leading engagement scores.