Our Vision The best care experiences.
Created together.

This vision reflects the aspirations of the hearts and minds of the people of Unity Health Toronto and the people in our care. This is a shared vision of the best possible experiences for those we serve.

It is our commitment to care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. And, it emphasizes that the best care experiences will need to be created together.

We will focus on a number of key dimensions to achieve the best possible care experiences:

  • the best outcomes by using the best available evidence
  • safe care by developing highly reliable systems and processes and doing all we can to avoid harm
  • timely access to care – that is, the right care, in the right place, at the right time – that is close to home or even at home where possible
  • partnerships with patients and families to determine what is right for them – personalized care that meets their unique needs
  • service excellence at all levels of our organization
  • efficient care
  • equitable care that meets our patients’ unmet needs – our commitment to excel in care for those experiencing disadvantage
  • a seamless, coordinated care experience

We will create the best possible care experiences together

  • with our patients and their families
  • with our teams across our network
  • in partnership with other care providers in our communities

We will be excellent partners, helping to smooth the transitions of care across our network and the health system. Whether it is finding specialized services, understanding and responding to the effect of someone’s socioeconomic determinants of health or acknowledging that home might be the best place to heal, we will contribute to the total health of our urban communities.

Unity Health has skilled, passionate people inspired by a purpose to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

Together, we will create a health care system that allows us to give our best to our patients and to derive joy in providing it. To drive excellence in our work, we will foster a quality improvement culture of continuous learning, integrating evidence-based research, teaching and knowledge sharing into our daily practice. Under our academic mission, we will all be learners and teachers. We will harness the power of our data infrastructure and use predictive analytics to make real-time, evidence-based decisions as leaders in the field.