Reimagining teaching and learning

As an academic health sciences organization, education is woven into every aspect of how we work and learn together. Unity Health knows that rigorous, ongoing professional development is an essential part of providing the best care to patients.

We value collaborative learning and instill this by teaching our current and future health care teams together.

Over the next five years, we will be leaders in integrated health education, driving system change. We will learn from our patients and their families by including them in our teaching teams. We will be renowned as a teaching organization where people thrive, grow and achieve performance excellence.

In five years, Unity Health Toronto will:

  • Drive system transformation by leading in integrated health systems education for everyone.
  • Recognize patients, residents and families as teachers and learners within our teams.
  • Be known as a learning organization where our teams thrive, grow and achieve performance excellence.

Our commitment

  • Embody a dynamic, safe, lifelong teaching and learning culture that embraces critical reflection to drive excellence, quality and equity.
  • Create and deliver real-time teaching using technology, simulation, performance data and artificial intelligence.

Success means

  • Our learners will recognize us as their teaching hospital of choice.
  • Our impact from learner engagement and education has a positive effect on patient outcomes.
  • Our education resources are developed through co-design and partnership with our learners, our patients and their families and our partner colleges and universities.
  • Our people have opportunities for personal development, based in shared values, curiosity and practices of safety, equity, flexibility and teamwork.
  • Our partnerships incubate innovative learning technology that advances knowledge and performance.