Revolutionizing care
through digital transformation

Imagine the convenience of connecting with your doctor from your own home and sharing health information from your smart device as part of that conversation. Now imagine your doctor having real-time access to evidence on how to best care for you – that is the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Through computer-enabled learning, we can use patterns of evidence and machine problem solving to take patients’ personalized information and couple that with the best evidence to improve their outcomes. Predictive models can be used to identify patients at risk, what outcomes may be expected and how to improve their care.

We will harness the power of information and advanced digital solutions to positively impact quality care, experience and operational excellence.

Together with our patients, we will co-design technology solutions which focus on patient convenience and a more personalized experience. We will connect care using smart technologies to create a seamless health care journey for everyone in our care. And we will lead in the use of advanced analytics and AI to ensure evidence guides our decisions.

In five years, Unity Health Toronto will:

  • Have a network-wide electronic patient record.
  • Have co-developed solutions to enhance access, quality and experience for our patients and providers.
  • Be a real-time health system, actively using data to inform clinical and management decisions.
  • Use digital tools to support our workforce, internal planning and to integrate to the broader health system.
  • Be known as a leading organization that demonstrates how data and digital can revolutionize the quality and experience of care, education and research through deep integration of analytics with operations.

Our commitment

  • Plan and implement a network-wide electronic patient record that supports multiple care environments ranging from home, to hospital and community.
  • Connect care to enable our patients and their families to engage with Unity Health in multiple ways, including enhanced traditional and virtual care approaches.
  • Develop an operations centre to monitor patient status, results, flow and capacity – optimizing our investments in analytics to improve outcomes, safety and access for our patients.
  • Improve our analytical capacity to optimize operational decision making and clinical processes, while reducing the digital burden on our providers through the co-creation of modern intuitive tools.

Success means

  • Our real-time system elevates operational excellence and advanced decision making.
  • Our patients have digitally-enabled access to comprehensive care and their personal health information – resulting in provable improvements to their care experience.
  • Our network and communities share information seamlessly to ensure the best care experience for those we serve.
  • Our adoption of digital tools, including our electronic patient record and advanced analytics, achieves the highest level of industry recognition.